Leather N Chrome

A multi media company serving area businesses and motorcyclists through continuous news and event coverage. Our print publication can be found in 100+ locations across the tri-state. In it, you'll find area eats, events and places to visit. Expand your horizons, find your group and travel to somewhere in the area you've never been before. Find us on all of our social media sites to stay updated on Bike Nights, Karaoke, and Live Music happening near you. Most importantly look out for each other. "Keep the wheels down and chrome up"




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What we do!


Our sponsors host a variety of talented musicians. Some are famous to the tri-state, some to the country. Each business brings in their own style of live music that matches your taste. You can find live music events through our event page online, Facebook or our magazine.


Bike nights

Who rides bikes but doesn't know about bike night?! Our media marketing allows you to stay up to date on all the weekly bike nights. Our Facebook events allows you to continuously post photos, start chats, and see all the fun happening. Our sponsors do a great job of accommodating and hosting all of the biker community. 


Each issue is full of tidbits and happenings in the motorcycle industry. We feature several articles that are submitted by our loyal readers or sponsors. You can expect to read in each issue, motorcycle laws, "My First Bike", "Mechanic Mike", "Ink N Chrome" and many others. These articles are for your entertainment. We want you to look forward to our issue release and join the conversation here and on our social media page. 


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier. The area has not seen a motorcycle publication exclusive to our region. Our reach gives readers and sponsors a holistic approach. This gives our sponsors the best competitive advantage while giving our readers an endless list of experiences and new adventures to partake. 


The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler. We use all of the resources at our disposal to involve the entire community and give each of our sponsors and riders the best experience possible. Our reach includes, online publications, social media marketing and print publications of 5,500 spread throughout the tri-state at all of your favorite stops. 



Whether theres a church social down the road, or a motorcycle show across state lines, we can market. We post events throughout our marketing channels to maximize exposure to the niche group of motorcycle riders. Our data is the proof thats in the pudding. We can connect all styles and events through tasteful and effective marketing techniques and strategies. All of our riders can find these events in multiple formats to ensure success.