Our Team

Our team is comprised of many riders with various talents and skills all for the goal of bringing the riding community together. If you see us out, say "Hi!"

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Mac Webb


Mac began riding when he was 3 years old. He actually learned to ride a dirt bike before a bicycle. His first bike ever, a Suzuki 50, had some great modifications including training wheels. Growing up Mac shifted his focus on an athletic career. Once his college football career ended he hopped back on the bike. He enjoys traveling the winding roads in Southern Indiana on the countless day trips with his family.



Katie Sterling

Sales Consultant

Southern Region

Being raised in a family of self-professed “gearheads” with an enthusiasm for classic cars and motorcycles, Katie spent most of her childhood rolling through her grandfather’s garage on a creeper seat, hearing stories of high speeds, close calls and managing the lean. One of her first memories was posing next to her uncle when he proudly debuted his first Harley-Davidson purchase. The first time Katie took a ride, she felt like she finally understood what her family had been trying to explain for years, exhilaration


Mike Webb



Mike first started riding on a Rupp mini bike at a young age. In 1973 he spotted a Kawasaki KZ 900 (the first year they were made) and knew he had to have one. He worked 2 years to save enough money to buy his first street bike. Before long, he was taking that bike to drag strips and racing every weekend. He soon added another drag bike to race, a Kawasaki 500 Triple. It was then he decided he wanted to do more than race and ride. He wanted to work in the motorcycle industry. He moved to Daytona Beach Florida to attend the American Motorcycle Institute. He graduated as a certified motorcycle mechanic in 1976. He has since went on to receive multiple additional certification. The motorcycle bug is one he's never been able to shake and still loves nothing more than spending time on his bike. .


Shelly Webb

Director of Business Development

Shelly grew up as a farmer’s daughter surrounded by boys. In order to be involved, she had to do what they did which included riding motorcycles. She’s been riding since she was small. The first time Mike (her husband) picked her up for a date, she told him to wait a minute and jumped on a Yamaha 125 to ride across the road to tell her Grandmother something. Mike said he watched her ramp two hills on the way there and on the way back. He later told her that was the moment he fell in love with her. They’ve been riding together ever since and they’ve raised three boys who also ride with them

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Malin Webb


Malin inherited his older brothers Suzuki 50 when he was old enough to ride. On his first solo ride, he rode straight into the neighbors barn. It didn't deter him though. The dare devil spirit continued. Growing up, he and friends would make stunt videos. A broken leg later, he put away the bike to focus on sports. He currently attends Kentucky Wesleyan playing football and baseball. His 2nd year in college he saved enough money to buy a bike and pick up riding again. Like most riders, he loves the open road and wind on his face. Mostly, he likes all of the girls asking for a ride.

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Kayla Clary

Sales Consultant

Western/Central KY

 Kayla is the "tom boy" her father always hoped she'd be. She grew up fixing cars with her Grandfather later to work with him as a teenager. Kayla's family are all avid Harley riders and stay active in the riding community by attending rallies and festivals. When Kayla is not attending community Bike Nights, you can find her at concerts, painting, taking photographs or playing her own music at local pubs.