Grilling season is upon us! I know many of you will spend summer nights in front of a grill with a cold beer in hand. Instead of a recipe, lets talk about grilling. A fan favorite of course is steak! Let’s discuss some simple tips that will turn each of us into the neighborhood “Grill Master”.


1.     Don’t salt steaks until moments before they hit the grill.

 Once salted, the steaks will begin to release moisture. No one enjoys a dry steak. Next time you fire up the grill, season the steaks immediately before putting them on.

2.     Don’t allow the meat to rise to room temperature.

First and foremost, this does not apply to well-done steaks. Let’s be honest, no one likes a well-done steak anyway. This tip applies to any steak that will be cooked from rare to medium well.  The goal is to get a beautiful caramel color outside without cooking thoroughly on the inside. To best achieve this, it’s imperative to go to the grill directly from the fridge.

3.     Don’t be cheap.

No “Grill Master” skimps out by buying the cheapest steaks he can find. You need the good premium cuts with light marbling. These are the cuts that will get you the top status of “Grill Master”


Happy Grilling!