Anti-Bike Laws Threatening Australia

There's a push in Australia to keep motorcycles off the roads. It's being done in the name of "safety." The law makers have decided they want to ban "Colors." For those unaware, colors refers to the gear you wear of the club you belong to. Australia believes this would reduce the number of "Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs." However the opposition believes this would only tarnish the other riders. Many riders would be profiled because of wearing leathers. Only then, would the officer making the stop determine if they are a member of an Outlaw MC. In America this shouldn't happen. There should be no unwarranted stops on a bike if you're obeying the law and enjoying your time in the wind. As always, the government insists it wont affect law abiding riders, but any law can be twisted and manipulated to benefit the "higher ups" It's important we elect legislators and policy makers that have our rights and safety in mind. There are over 223,000 registered motorcycles in the state of Indiana. Election season is coming soon and we need to make a difference. If policies like this begin to spread they might travel here and you could be pulled over for wearing the wrong under shirt and leather. You might even be stopped for "looking mean".

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