Ladies N Leather- Picking up your fallen bike

This article is not restricted to women riders only. There’s two types of riders. There’s riders that have gone down and riders that will go down. Here’s some tips to use your entire body to get your motorcycle upright.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart facing away from the bike.

  2. Grab the handlebar and the rail/back of the bike.

  3. Flatten your back and straighten your arms in a squatted position.

  4. Begin rising from the squat so both wheels make contact with the ground.

  5. Push your momentum backwards forcing the bike upward.

  6. For extra assistance push your butt against the seat for leverage.

  7. As you rise, take smaller steps until at the top. 

 Hopefully you keep the wheels down and chrome up! However, if you go down, we hope you can use this to get your bike back up.