Indian Sweeps Calistoga

The "Wrecking Crew" has done it again. They continue a marvelous run as the riders: Meers, Carver Jr, Coolbeth Jr, finish 1-2-3 respectively at Calistoga. 9 Indians competed in the Main race, while 7 finished in the top 10. 5 Indians took the top 5 spots. That is an impressive feat. 

I recently stumbled upon an article regarding flat track and it's return to the spotlight. Indian has been dominating the circuit with their new bikes. Some of the competition has said "Give credit where it's due, those are some fast bikes" Below this article, was the inevitable Harley vs Indian debate. 

I won't take a position. I will say this though. Harley has dominated the market for many years. Indian is rising to prominence once again. The rivalry is being stoked on the track as previously dominant Harley racers are now racing and winning on Indian bikes. 

I've never understood the debate. I'm from the mindset of love what you ride. If someone doesn't love what you ride, thats ok. While you may be partial to Harley or Indian, there is one thing that we must all understand. Competition is great. We're seeing the rivalry grow and fights for the market just like the fights on the track are good for the consumer.

Because of this rivalry, we will all be riding better bikes in 5-10 years. A competitive market will allow the purchase of more reasonably priced bikes. While I don't sit on one side of the aisle. I'm all for better and more affordable bikes. 

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