Getting your Permit/Endorsement

Indiana has simple motorcycle laws. If you're thinking about getting a bike for the first time I just have two words for you "DO IT!" Keep reading and we'll highlight all of the important information about motorcycle permits and license from the BMV . 

To receive your permit, it's simple. 
Hold a valid IN driver's license, and pass a written test.

You can renew your permit for 2 years before you're required to complete your endorsement. If you forget to renew before your permit expires you'll have to take the written test again. 

Gaining your endorsement isn't difficult either. You must hold a valid permit and pass a riding test. Another option is to complete a Ride Safe Indiana course. If you choose the latter it doesn't matter if you are currently holding a permit or not.

There's some advantages of holding an endorsement over a permit.

With a permit, you can not ride after dark. You can not carry passengers and you must wear a helmet. With a permit, it's only valid in 2 year increments with a renewal and must take a year hiatus between the 2 year increments. 

Passing the Ride Safe Indiana Course allows you to receive an endorsement and remove these stipulations. Most importantly, completing this course can provide insightful and beneficial information for all new riders. 

Whichever route you choose, just go ride. If you're a veteran rider, encourage a new rider. Be supportive in the struggles of learning to ride. As always, keep the wheels down and chrome up!