Mechanic Mike- Kick Stand

In this issue I’m going to talk about something that could be very dangerous for riders but is normally an

easy fix. The last thing you want or need while riding is for your side stand to come down. It doesn’t

matter if you are riding a dirt bike or if you are riding on the open road, the side stand coming down can

be hazardous.

You’ll want to make sure your stand fits snugly against the frame when it’s up. If it doesn’t, the spring is

most likely is to blame. The spring is the most common reason for the stand not being snug.

To replace the spring, simply pry the old one off. Hook one end of a new spring to the frame and the

other end to the side stand. You may need to pull or pry on the spring to connect it to the side stand.

A Jiffy stand on a Harley Davidson is a little different to replace but is actually easier. Remove the bolt

and take the stopper plate off. Then rotate the stand forward until the spring pops off. To put a new

spring back on, attach the spring to the side stand and then rotate the stand back to its original position.

Then reinstall the stopper plate and bolt.