Why millennials aren't riding.

Millennials are purchasing fewer bikes than the older generations. There is a buzz in the motorcycle industry on how to combat lower sales. There are some very valid points being made on why Millennials are choosing to forgo  two wheels.

Statistically, millennials are more likely to attend college. When faced with the choice of purchasing a motorcycle with a $130 a month payment, they often stall at the thought because of their debt to income ratio.

Historically, bikes were purchased by an individual right before they started a family and soon after their children have left the house. However, because today's generation is getting a later start on their life events, this is causing a dip in the market. 

There are additional suggestions in the original article posted by Barron's Next which can be found here. 

Ideas are being shared on how to combat this problem. Many experts suggest reaching those at a younger age with "dirt bikes, or TV Shows relating to dirt bikes" Like many of us, we first began riding on a dirt bike and it was our gateway to street bikes. This seems like a logical fix.

We like to think, here at Leather N Chrome we're combating the problem by creating a useful tool for all riders, new and old. We want all to be welcomed into the biker community. We're all riding two wheels together and have to look out for each other.  I challenge each of you to reach out to one person and support them as they take the leap to purchasing a bike. If they don't know how to ride, teach them. If they need to go on only 10-15 mile rides to get comfortable, go with them. We have to preserve what we all love.