Nicky Hayden Tribute Bike

Nicky Hayden was the best ambassador for racing and motorcycles the United States ever had.
Walking into the River City PowerSports Show, and seeing a replica Hayden racing bike, it was
clear who would win “Leather N Chrome Editor’s Choice”. It was fitting that the award go to a
Hayden Replica in his hometown of Owensboro Kentucky. This year, Hayden apparel and
tributes could be seen throughout the venue, a show of respect to “The Kentucky Kid”. Charlie
Rafferty, the owner, is also a native of Owensboro and has a long history with the bike. He has
seen the 2003 Honda go through a rebuild and paint after a wreck years ago. After purchasing
the bike he continued to replicate the racing bike down to every last detail. On the tank is a
Nicky Hayden autograph. It’s a funny story how that came to be. The previous owner visited
Nicky while Nicky was back home in Owensboro putting up Christmas lights for his mom and
dad. Nicky had told him if he rode the bike over he’d sign it. The autograph is still proudly
presented on the gas tank. Every detail of the replica is exact. Some designs like those
presented on the windshield had to be custom ordered. A fun story about the replica and Nicky
Hayden’s career is about the flag he proudly carried around the track after his 2006
Championship. The flag was in fact mounted to a broomstick. A Journalist had promised a flag if
Hayden won but when the winning moments came, he stole a Repsol broom stick and mounted
the flag to it. The replica includes the broom stick flag, a commitment from Charlie to make this
bike and its pieces as authentic as possible. I know everyone who visited Charlie’s replica bike
was taken back in time to a memory of “The Kentucky Kid” whether it be personal, his career or
a sense of pride they felt seeing an American win the Moto GP. The Kentucky Kid will always be

You can read about his career here