Women Riders on the Rise

You’ve seen us discuss prior to the issue the importance of rider courses for beginning riders. Statistically, riders that have successfully completed a riding course are less likely to be involved in a deadly accident. In turn, this keeps their passengers safe. The movement of women riders is growing and we’d like to help the cause. If you’re interested in learning to ride we recommend taking a course. There are several options available for our region. Do your research and decide which would best fit you and your schedule.

  1. ABATE offers new rider courses for as low as $99. Completing the course will allow you to receive your endorsement in Indiana.

  2. Check with your area HD-Dealer for their Riding Academy. Locations across the country offer this course to assist with skill development.

  3. Ride Safe Indiana is an initiative through in.gov that helps you learn and receive your endorsement at the same time.

  4. Kentucky Governor's Commission provides rider education programs for beginners and experts.

  5. Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers a basic riding course. During these courses you will practice and be tested on a variety of skills.