Election Preview

We sent out a request for information to all party heads in the state of Indiana. We requested that a questionnaire be sent to all congressional and state representative candidates. In this questionnaire we asked the question,

 "What can your office do to increase roadway safety for riders?"


Tom Hedde (D)

State Rep Cand. Dist. 38

Back when I was a boy on the farm I loved to ride my motorcycle. As State officials we can maintain a sound infrastructure to make riding safer. I looked up some facts; helmets are estimated to be 37% in preventing fatal injuries for operators and 41% for passengers. Some of these are already on the books. Wear a certified helmet. New riders take a motorcycle safety course. Media campaign to help spread awareness about motorcycles and motorcycle safety.

John Hurley.jpg

John Hurley (D)

State Rep Cand. Dist. 75

Roadway projects must take into consideration the needs of motorcyclists. Hazards to riders must be minimized to promote a safe ride environment. A culture of awareness of motorcyclists must be promoted by lawmakers.

Locke Headshot by Susanna Tanner.JPG

Jeffrey Locke (D)

State Rep Cand. Dist. 56

I would be more interested in hearing your members concerns on what needs to be done and I'm willing to work with you on those concerns. As a retired police officer, I am very aware of the dangers riders encounter daily from my years of patrolling the streets.